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At the Right Place All the Time

November 18, 2011

Living in a busy world is stressful.  We have to rush to the office in the morning, sometimes even without taking breakfast.  We load ourselves with a lot of “things to remember”, some of which we also forget.

Being organized is a gift to some and a struggle for the others.  I belong to the latter.

I keep forgetting where I put my keys, my eyeglasses, and all sorts of small, necessary things.  Sometimes I wish these things have beepers on them which I can activate to know where I put them.

One of the things that has helped me a lot is having a small notebook where I list all items I need to recall: where I put my things, what I will do for the day, important notes, etc.  This small notebook helps me to be organize.

We have to deal with time grabbers.  We cannot dig in our bags all the time to check if we brought our cellphone, or go from place to place searching for important documents which we brought home two days ago.  This is a lot of hassle.

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